Saturday, September 10, 2011

For Sale: Terminators

Greetings readers! If you are looking at this post, then you will know I'm selling my terminators squad. They started out life as AoBR Terminators, and I've added the special weapon and done a solid job painting them. They are painted as Blood Angels, specifically the Angels Encarmine. Because of the Red Thirst which figures so prominently in both the Blood Angel fluff as well as rules, I've painted the sergeant as if he's fallen to it. Here are some pics. They're at full size, so if you click on one you can open it to a huge size. They'll be on eBay, i'll post the link shortly!

Oh, if you're curious as to why you'd need shooty terminators, they fit in any list where you need someone who is extremely resilient, absorbs a ton of shots, and can destroy vehicles and soldiers alike in the shooting or assault phase. Like this list at 1500 pts, for example:

captain: thunderhammer
2x5 shooty terminators: assault cannon
2x1 sanguinary priest
2x10 tactical marines: flamer, missile launcher, power weapon on sarge
3x6 devastators: x4 ml


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