Saturday, October 29, 2011

1200 Tau v Nurgle Marines Thoughts

Beautiful Diorama
In the last week, i've managed to read all the battle reports involving my favorite Tau bloggers I could get ahold of. Between that and my musings, I've been interested in getting a game going.

Tonight one of my buddies and I got a game going at the local gamestore. We played 1200 points, him Nurgle Marines and I Tau. Unfortunately we got capture and control, pitched battle. I placed my objective in the open and his was placed in cover. My list was as follows:

shas'el: mp, pr, mt
2x2 crisis: mp, pr, mt
2x6 fire warrior
2x1 devilfish: dp
2x1, 1x1 piranha: dp, ta, fb
2x1 hammerhead: dp, mt, rail, sms

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Swappable Blood Angels Furioso / Librarian

Finishing up assembling my new BA dreads and hit a quandary. The death dreads will stay as-is, I haven't come up with a list where I want anything besides basic guns and talons on them. The Furioso is a different story. I want it to have a hot-swappable left arm and torso. The arm is easy, a simple magnet will do the trick. The torso is trickier due to the hollow interior. So, if you know an easy way to accomplish this, please let me know. Pics and tutorials are both always good.

Until Next Time!

~Shas'el Mike

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tau @ 1.5k: not like I usually play

First off, a huge thank you for putting up with my touting my models I was selling here. I had my eye on three Furiosos, and the necessary bits to make 2 of them Death Company Furiosos, and one of them able to alternate between vanilla and Librarian Furioso. With some bitz-sells as well, I also picked up the bitz to finish my converted Vanguard Veterans. I'll do some posting about those when I'm done. However, thats all beside the point. For now, there shouldn't be any shameless commercial plugs. Now, on to other stuff.