Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painting Log: To-Do List

Howdy Internet!

I actually am posting! While I have joined the throngs of bloggers who haven't been posting recently, it is hardly due to boredom with 5th edition 40k. Far from it, as I recently have not been able to play enough! I did get in a  game recently, where all went mostly well, which I will be blogging about shortly. But, I have to actually load pictures and create an orderly narrative, which I haven't completed yet. So for now, the painting log!

I have a bad habit of not painting models until I want to use them. I am first a gamer, second a hobbyist. Consequently, painting occurs in long sessions which occur generally two days before an event. As I haven't had a chance to play in any events recently, you get the idea...

So, I have reorganized my desk-top to only hold stuff that needs painting, and have organized it from 'raw' to 'mostly done.' This way, I can pick things up and complete them as I feel like it, and put them where they belong. I hope this little version of a rewards system will be enough for me to remain motivated. 

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