Friday, February 4, 2011

Crisis Suit configuration

So after the last couple battles, i've been doing some thinking about my Crisis suit loadout. Traditionally, I do 3 Fireknifes per squad, as many squads as possible. Which boils down to 211 for a squad with plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker, and a 'vre. And, at a BS of 3, at a range of over 12 inches only 1.5 shots per suit on average will hit. Needless to say an army that depends on hitting will need to do better. And, the plasma won't hit till turn 2 or 3, once your enemy is within 24 inches. This theory generally shows itself in my games. the plasma rifles are pretty much wasted until at least turn 2, while the missile pods would do better if their accuracy increased. However, the stopping power of the plasma rifle means it cannot be left at home. Recently, i've gone to running 2 Deathrains with a Fireknife 'vre. The biggest change in this setup is allowing everyone to take a targetting aray, and max out the long-to-mid versatility.This allows for everyone involved to be upgraded to a BS 4, which allows for an increase in hitting accuracy, as well as reaching targets on turn 1. And the 'vre has the plasma rifle for that extra punch. More info on how that goes. Unfortunately, this means that for my suits I am now 7 missle pods short. more on how resolving that shortage goes.

  My command squad is subject to much love but not as much play. In smaller games, that extra 10 points for a Crisis suit that is cheaper as an elite is unnecessary. However, in larger games the extra suits are nice. However, I wanted these suits to stand out. Heavier armor, more ornate helmets, different weapon loadouts something. As far as weapons go, i felt this squad should be more of a hold-the-gap type unit, so i gave the body guards dual plasma rifles, and the commander an afb and a plasma rifle. lots of AP2 death, made cheaper by twin-linking. I wound up converting my commander after being inspired by this entry on Warhammer Tau. I wanted my honor guard suits to be similar, and yet different. I figure that being who they are, they will naturally have beefier looking suits. But I couldn't figure out what to do with the head. Until I saw this post on Advanced Tau Tactica. So, with a little bit of conversion, and supergluing later, I was done. All that is left is to touch up the paint. So, here are a couple pics of my new suits. Any thoughts?


"Bring us to the Hunt"

Shas'el Mike

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