Friday, February 4, 2011

Repairing Assault Marines, or Ebay is my Friend

So I recently began a side army project, a Blood Angels army to be precise. While I love Tau, sometimes I want to run an army that looks great, and is able to throw itself in CC. Also, there is an unwritten rule among my play group that every person must have at least one Space Marine army. So, I too shall adopt the rule. Still working on which chapter to go with, more on that as time goes by.

I price-checked Assault Squads retail, than took a look at Ebay. If you have not checked the worlds greatest garage sell, you should. I picked up a 5 man squad configured illegally with a melta-gun and plasma-pistol on two guys, two with bolter pistols, and one missing his gun hand. All for 17 bucks shipping included. And they were fully painted. And none were configured as sargeants. So, I grabbed my Ravenwing upgrade sprue and popped off a suitable head for the sarge. Then, I grabbed the power-sword arm from the same sprue. A couple mins later, the guy with a missing hand was designated as sarge. The day before last, I had 2.50 in ebay bucks set to expire. So, I picked up a set of 4 bolter pistol arms. Got them in today! Which excites me. So, A little bit of work later, the sarge is done. I have one arm left for the plasma-pistol guy. I have not yet decided whether to leave him to be added to my next squad or replace him. While the 'Gets Hot!' rule says take a scalpel to him, the s7ap2 says wait. So, included are some pics.

"For the Greater Good"

Shas'el Mike

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