Monday, January 2, 2012

1500 Tau list, now with different Plasma !

New lists! So i've been playing around with my default Tau army list, and poking around the internet. At 1500 points, I want something which can pound the other army into dust, and advance rather than walking back. Its an unusual concept, and will surely throw off any player who plays Tau which run away and hug the edge of the map.

Crisis suits of the Fireknife variety are incredibly expensive, clocking in at 62 points. Especially at lower points, those are points that are easily needed elsewhere. However, as the only source of ap2 non-railgun weaponry usually there is no other choice. But what if there was? And what if it was cheaper? Additionally, what if you could virtually guarantee that every crisis suit wounds what it shoots at? I am suggesting, of course, deathrain suits, paying the points to tack plasma rifles onto broadsides, and running 3x2 of said weapon-bearers-of-doom.

By putting the plasma on broadsides, and arming them with multi-trackers, we can create a solid core which can touch anyone and unleash a blistering array of firepower. Additionally, the saved points from the suits can be put into Kroot Hounds, and blacksun filters. This will result, I think, in an army which is better tourament balanced, and will give me an edge against many armies. Here you go, what do you think?

Shas'el: x2mp, bsf, flamer
3x2 Crisis: x2mp, bsf
x6 fw
2x10/3 kroot/hounds
x4 pf
dfish: dp
2x1 piranha: fusion, ta, dp
3x2 broads: plasma, mt leader/bsf,tl,x1sd


  1. The thing about plas-'Sides is, you may run into the problem of having to sacrifice one gun for the other. The railgun is a 72" tank-killer, after all, and the plasma rifle functions best at 12"; the conflict in range could give you trouble, particularly if, say, you simultaneously need to deal with a couple Demolishers on the other side of the table and a squad of ASM with a Sanguinary priest attached.

    The other thing that springs to mind is, what do you plan to do with those Pathfinders? Your suits are all already packing twin-linked weapons, so you won't need much in the way of BS-boosting, which is good because you'll probably only get a token or two a turn. Are you expecting to gave to go through lots of cover saves?

  2. Thanks for the comment Garnet! This was one of the changes I was hoping would be awesome. Unfortunately, I experienced exactly what you described. I had targets needing plasma, and targets needing railguns, and never the twain did meet. The loss was sad, as I usually do fairly well against Blood Angels.

    However, around here (in RL) the meta has changed to Space Wolves, Grey Knights and more Grey Knights. The few players who play Angels play a sit-n-shoot razorback spam list. Against these types of lists, having the plasma saved till round 3 or so isn't as much of a problem.

    With that being said... i'm still thinking the monobuild is truely the only build (hence its name i suppose). And since I try to always build take-all-comers lists, I dont think i'm going to burn the cash on more crisis arms and magnets. It was an unusual experiement though...

  3. oh, and as far as Pathfinders... they are there to attract fire and remove cover saves. Nothing is more annoying that having a couple dudes stand behind a rhino or rock, bequeathing a 4++ to the group.

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