Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So... Necrons v Tau Strategies

So i've been thinking about Necrons. Specifically, that nexis between Solar Pulse, Imotekh, and av13-till-penetrated hulls and how that relates to my Tau. 

Tau are terrible at nightfighting. Sure markerlight hits can be expended to ignore night-fighting on a 1-per-squad basis, but first you have to get the markerlights to hit, which in nightfighting conditions with heavy weapons is not an easy task. Additionally, having a mainly av13 army can be a bit of a challenge for tau, as now it takes fusion blasters or railguns for even the lowliest of transports, even the Crisis squad's vaunted missile pods aren't much use. And then, when it all lets up, Necrons win at CC, so letting them get into assault range is a problem.

I'm musing a bit on whether my gameplan needs to change, as the Tau i usually play are completely helpless in extended night-fighting scenarios. Additionally, those random lightning strikes suck when you can consistently max out your force org chart.

What are your experiences with Tau vs New Necrons? Share them, oh Dear Reader!

~Shas'el Mike


  1. Tau are actually the best prepared for nightfight. Blacksun filters are a 3pt upgrade. For Necrons don't try to punch through the armor. Instead force then to spread out to keep them from concentrating their firepower. Tau have enough mobility to keep them hopping. Also you only need 1 hit to take down the shields so it is not as tough as it may seem.

  2. Well, three points for suits, five points for vehicles. But still, yes, the BSF is a great deal, and a relatively high-utility one, too; if you're going to a standard 3-round/3-mission tournament you should have them anyway, for the inevitable Dawn of War match, and if you're just mixing up a new army for a friendly game you can slot them in easily enough.

    Also, all our suits have Acute Senses, which is nice when there's night fighting to be done.