Sunday, December 18, 2011

One More, so I Don't Forget

Oh yes, and I did a bit of conversion work the other night. Generally speaking, I am bad with greenstuff, and I avoid metal models. However, in an odd conversion of improbability and rarity, I decided to play with both. I needed another Death Company with a power weapon, but I haven't bought magnets for my existing DC. Oh, and I had a metal torso from some Space Marine from an edition gone by. So what did I do you ask? Go on, ask. Its ok. So what did I do? I blinged it up! I have an army of helmeted guys, because I hate painting flesh, but I had this rebreather head I really wanted to use in some way. Also, I an inflexible boring metal body that needed something to spruce it up. So, I used greenstuff for some hair on the rebreather head, i used the arm-with-the-robotic-hand from the DC thunderhammer arm, some blood angel shoulder pads, a DC backpack and BLAM! there you have it. Here are the pics. Enjoy!

i'm gonna experiment with painting gore, to make this guy more interesting. Greenstuff!

the hair looks weird, but after getting twice as much all over my hands as on the model, i decided i was done

third time's the charm. ignore the fingernails please (my job makes them grow fast, i didnt notice until i posted the picture)

Shas'El Mike
done for real now, maybe.


  1. why 3 times the same angle? I have no idea how that left arm is supposed to look

  2. the short answer would be "i have no idea". the longer answer is I was watching Monty Python while doing this, so I was somewhat distracted. I'll be posting more pics shortly.