Sunday, December 18, 2011

This Week: 1500 Tourament!

So apparently the 3rd weekend of the month is tournament weekend at Comic Asylum. I went, I conquered somewhat, it was fun. As far as armies, there were Blood Angels, Grey Knights, Space Wolves, Chaos Marines, Chaos Demons, Necrons, Vanilla Marines, and Eldar that I remember. The missions weren't published initally, so I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but I figured i'd bring my Blood Angels! They haven't seen a lot of use, due to the awkward nature of my model collection and my desire to only play with painted armies. By awkward I mean that my collection comprises most of the support/ fast attack/elite choices i'd want to play with, but i need another squad or two of assault marines. So, here is the list I went with:

Librarian: jump-pack Shield, Lance
2x1 Sanguinary Priest: jump-pack, powersword, x1 infernus pistol
2x10 Assault Marines: x2 Meltaguns, Powerfist
2x5 Vanguard Vets: x2 Storm Shields, Lightning Claw, Thunderhammer, Glaive on sarge

Game 1: By

I think that is how you spell it. Basically, three people didn't show. So that means that there was an odd-man out every round.  So I spent this one looking at the other people's armies, and watching them play. Pretty lame, even though it did net me an automatic win for the day.

Game 2: Me vs Chaos Marines: Loss

His list was pretty nasty,heres what I remember:

Demon Prince: wings, warptime, mark of tzeentch (whichever one gives a boosted invuln)
2x1 Dreads: 1 w/ autocannon, 1 w/ plasma cannon
terminators: combi-meltas
x10 Chaos Marines w/Rhino
x10 Plague Marines w/ fist in Rhino
x10 Berzerkers in Rhino
x5 Havos w/ autocannons

This mission was pitched-battle deployment, capture and control mission. his forces deployed, mephy went on the board, everything else deepstruck. Then things got brutal, mostly due to my inexperience. Everybody came in turn 2, vets dropping near vehicles, assault marines behind said vehicles. However, i forgot to declare heroic intervention before the deepstrike rolls. So i drop, shake and stun and destroy weapons on some stuff. Then, his terminators and prince walk on, and my vets are just standing there. Over the next four turns, he managed to wipe me out, while being able to hold on to his objective. It was bad, real bad. If I had remembered to announce heroic intervention, and if i had not split my forces, I would have had a good chance for a win. As it was... i got tabled. Ouch.

Game 3: Me vs Space Wolves: Victory

If I remember correctly, his list looked like this:

stormcaller: jaws, lighting
2x1 librarian-equivalents: lightning
2x10 grey hunters, plasma and fist
drop pod w/ missile launcher

This game definitely went a lot better than last game. Mephy got obliterated by an entire armies worth of firepower turn 1. I kid you not. I failed an armor save from 3 hits of lightning, failed a save against bolter fire, and in my assault phase took a wound from a super-happy fist. I was very sad inside. But, his libbys were behind his forces, so that was a plus. I deepstruck a squad of vets who killed two of the libbys over two turns, the other vets tied up a grey hunter squad for a while, and the rest of my army proceeded to chew on the rest. By turn 5 all that was left was a grey hunter w/ fist, the pod, and a rhino. Turn 6 i only managed to kill the hunter and the rhino, so it was a mostly-tabling.

This game I made sure to focus on getting the little technicalities right. I like BA, they're as attention-needy as Tau. They have a bunch of built-in synergies, and rule nuances, that if overlooked result in CSM beating face and tabling you. This time, I made sure to tie up anyone with JoTWW, and make sure to keep everyone possible FNP'd, and multi-assault whenever I could. Overall, this game it worked.

As I had a win-loss-win, I placed 4th of 11, with the 1st place slot going to a player who scored max possible points all three games. Not too shabby. I used the store credit I won to pick up some more paint, and the metal Chaplain in Terminator armor. I'm pretty excited about him, I'll be sure to post pics eventually.
Until next time, keep playing!

Shas'El Mike
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