Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Fantastical Thought

if ghosts are real,
if ghosts consistently generate measurable emf fields,
if the electricity from those fields is the same as conventionally-generated electricity,
if magic is power from an outside source utilized through ritual,
if electricity can be generated from a series of known processes
if magic can generally do the things that electricity can generally be said to do,


Perhaps we've accidentally arrived at the future without realizing it. Perhaps we have harnessed magic and done very real and magical things with it, without realizing our accomplishments. Much like we don't believe in dragons because we've only found dinosaur bones, perhaps we don't believe in magic because we have only discovered electricity.

We have machines that heat and cook food, transports that monitor themselves as they carry us, that tell us where we are on a map, that do calculations and create non-existent worlds for us to play in, solve problems, project voices and carry visions of far-away places. We have paddles that can bring a 'dead' person back to life, and focused application of this energy can fix depression temporarily.

The easiest way to make something less scary is to give it a name and attempt to know something about its habits. Perhaps, in our rush to tame our world by naming and categorizing everything in it, we have lost sight of how crazy and magical the world we live in is.

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