Friday, February 24, 2012

Upcoming Tourney this weekend!

So I haven't posted about it, but I've got a tournament this weekend! It consists of three missions: spearhead with four objectives, pitched battle with capture and control, and dawn of war with victory points. Pretty sure its that combination, if not its some other combination of those three. Oh, and its 5th edition rules (on account of it being 2012). So, now I've got a choice: Play Tau (my first plastic love), or Blood Angels (my second plastic love). On one hand, I like Tau, and I play them most. They're a challenge, and every fight has cinematic potential. On the other hand, my Angels are itching to go, and having a chance to devastate my opponent in the assault phase has me kind of excited. So which did I choose?

BLOOD ANGELS!!!!! (Here are some pics!)

Who says Dakka is useless?

Awesome Pic!

It came from this one place

Sweet Lighting

So its 1850 points, and I have a couple options. Last time I played them in a tourney, I ran jumpers and Mephiston, which was fun. I wound up getting 4th, after a total massacre courtesy of a chaos marine army.  However, in a couple test games I've played the inability to pop mass armor have been a challenge. So, I'm thinking that jumpers+devs is the way to go. Here's the list:

Librarian: jump pack
x2 Sanguinary Priest: jump pack, power weapons
Sanguinary Priest
2x10 Assault Marines: x2 meltaguns, power fist
x5 Assault Marines: meltagun, power fist
2x5 Vanguard Vets: lightning claw, thunder hammer, x2 storm shields, glaive on sarge
3x5 Devastators: x4 missile launchers

~Like it? Love it? Or don't care?

Shas'el Mike

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